Break Free from the Abuse Cycle and Reclaim Your True Self


I'm Jillian

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Practitioner

I was raised by a narcissistic, psychologically and emotionally abusive mother and was trapped in the abuse cycle for nearly four decades. I have a deep understanding of the healing and recovery process. I suffered from Complex-PTSD, Disorganized Attachment, Codependency, and Love Addiction and was a magnet for narcissistic and abusive relationships.

During my healing journey, I discovered that one cannot talk their way out of the pain, the trauma runs deep. It is because of this, I use an integrative trauma-informed approach to help my clients heal their mind, body, and spirit and reclaim their lives after abuse.

As a firm believer in Post-Traumatic Growth, I am living example that one can go on to have a better life because of their trauma.

Professional Credentials & Skillsets


  • Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, CPD accredited

  • Narcissistic Trauma-Informed Coach, CPD accredited

  • Integrative Trauma Practitioner

  • Somatic Trauma-Informed Coach, CPD & IFC accredited

  • Integrative Holistic & Energy Healing Practitioner

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach

  • Integrative Attachment Theory Coach

  • NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)-Informed Practitioner

  • Brainspotting Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (in progress)


  • Trauma - Informed

  • Positive Psychology-Informed

  • Internal Family Systems-Informed

  • Polyvagal Theory-Informed

  • Somatic Belief Reprogramming™

  • Brainspotting

  • Self-Navigation Mapping™

  • Neuro-Linguistic

    Programming (NLP)

  • Somatic Body-Based Practices

  • Body Trauma Liberation

  • Mindfulness Techniques

Get results like these.

I worked with Jillian after suffering from narcissistic abuse. I found her program to be fantastic. I learned so much about myself and it gave me so much clarity. Jillian has a wonderful calming method and is so easy to work with. She is encouraging, supportive and I felt her holding my hand throughout! I really recommend working with Jillian. She understands narcissistic abuse and has really helped me with my healing. - Tory

Working with Jillian has been a great experience! She is a trustworthy and sincere person and a patient, caring and non-judgmental practitioner. She helped me reconnect with myself, redefine my needs, identify my skills as well as shape my future goals. I already feel better, more aligned with myself and now aware of what is good for me and how to experience this more often in my life. I'm grateful to Jillian for her help and guidance. - Gabrielle

After our first session, Jillian made an unexpectedly profound impact on my life. Her intuitive and gentle guidance really led me towards deeper self-reflection. She's warm and welcoming, understanding, and nonjudgmental.  She asks just the right questions and gives great suggestions of what to consider, what to ask myself, what to think about and work towards. I am truly thankful our paths crossed. - Angela


Free FB Community: Narcissistic Parenting Recovery

An inclusive, supportive community of Narcissistic & Childhood Abuse Survivors.

Get access to resources to help you heal and transform survival strategies, go from disempowered to empowered, & have healthier relationships to the Self, Others, and Life.

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